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Painting the Town

A blackpool Colour story

Painting the Town™ is a new range of 35 premium paint colours inspired by the unforgettable people and places of Blackpool.

Created by LeftCoast, Blackpool’s Creative People and Places project, in collaboration with Johnstone’s Paint, Painting the Town™ is a development of an artist commission by Blackpool artist, Laura Shevaun Green.

Laura Shevaun Green created 10 paint colours inspired by 10 people and their stories as part of a commission by LeftCoast as part of its Left Behind programme in response to an article in the Financial Times in November 2017.

Left Behind: Can anyone save the towns the economy forgot?

‘Left Behind: Can anyone save the towns the economy forgot? centred on Blackpool as the cheapest place in the UK to rent, the article provoked a strong local response. We felt as an arts organisation in the town already working in partnership with residents, artists and agencies, we were in a unique position to facilitate a response.

After a national call out for proposals, a local commissioning panel of ten residents, artists, academics and business owners commissioned five proposals in May 2018. Each commission served as an open invitation to residents, artists, public offices, policy makers and the private sector to engage with us in a conversation about how we might come together to re frame some of Blackpool’s most enduring social issues in a different and considered way. Painting the Town was one of those commissions.

The 10 stories are now displayed on the iconic walls of Ocean Boulevard that now feature a shot of Ghost Train purple, a splash of Herring Gull grey, a drop of Arcade blue and a wash of Salisbury Yellow. We invite you to walk along and read the stories behind the colours inspired by the real lives of Blackpool’s residents.

LeftCoast want to help the businesses of Blackpool literally paint a new picture for the town – a picture that speaks in 35 different shades about Blackpool’s generosity of spirit and its capacity to keep on lifting you up whenever life pulls you down.

Available through any of the 1,222 Johnstone’s Paint Decorating Centres across the UK, with every can of paint purchased, a percentage of the sale goes back into Blackpool to be invested in developing more arts and culture in the town.

To find out more:
– Ask your local decorator for details
– Pop into your local Johnstone’s Paint Decorating Centre
– Visit LeftCoast Left Behind