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Core Palette

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Bring a piece of Blackpool into your next project by using our bespoke colour range celebrating one of Britain’s best loved towns. Reflect alongside an iconic piece of Blackpool’s architecture, work within the tranquil shades of the ever changing coastline or play amongst the memories of slot machines and sandy dunes.

You are sure to find the perfect combination within our range of 35 premium paint colours reflecting the unforgettable people and places of Blackpool.

Every tin carries a donation to improve the arts and culture offer in the town for residents and visitors alike.

North Pier

A charming, delicate colour inspired by memories of walks along North Pier eating clouds of frothy candyfloss.

This beautiful pink sits just as easily alongside contrasting accent blues, such as Arcade, and neutral greys such as Herring Gull, as it does against softer, tonal shades, such as the putty coloured Flat Mist, or the mellow green of Marram from our harmonising palette. A truly versatile colour that works for every room.

Lawson Green

An intense, verdant hue taken from one of Blackpool’s best loved green spaces, Lawson’s Field.

Lawson Green is an extremely elegant and versatile shade of green that rejuvenates every space. Warm it up with Brine to maximise its richness. Cool it down by pairing it with lighter green hues or tonal blues such as Marram and In The Shallows for soothing sea and nature inspired schemes. For a confident look, combine with neutral greys or deep blues for reassuring depth.


This powerful, liveable yellow is inspired by the cascading autumn leaves of Salisbury Woodland, a quiet haven close to Blackpool Zoo.

Against elegant tones like Forecast or Cloudshift, Salisbury Yellow works brilliantly on furniture as a shot of lightheartedness. Used on a feature wall, it’s the perfect antidote to a neutral schemes, spicing up warmer tones such as Brine or Low Tide and brightening up shades like Upsurge and Tempest.

Sea Snail

A silty brown colour captured from shells washed up by high tide onto Blackpool’s sandy dunes. Sea Snail brings a warmth and earthiness to natural schemes in Gust or Upsurge, or works as a formidable anchor to both the mellow yellow of Beach and the spicier shade of Brine.

It’s also a fantastic cosy making colour when used on feature walls to really showcase furniture and furnishings in lighter shades, or on woodwork as a neutralising foil to walls in either delicate or deeper colours. If Sea Snail proves anything, it’s that there’s nothing ordinary or boring about brown.


This bright white is taken from the bandstand in Stanley Park, Blackpool’s 390 acre Grade II Listed public park designed by Thomas Mawson in 1926 and a favourite location amongst Blackpool residents.

A strong, contemporary neutral colour, it provides a clean, graphic finish when paired with strong shades like Arcade and pairs seamlessly with any of the twenty five harmonising colours in the Painting The Town™ palette.


This purple is bright, adventurous and vital. It takes its characterful name from the colour of the rails of the Ghost Train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and much like its namesake works as a thrilling shock of colour in rooms both large and small.

It’s the perfect shade for making a statement on feature walls, or as an accent on woodwork and will read brighter when combined with whites, such as Bandstand, or as a deep earthy neutral when paired with the green of Lawson Green or the orange of Tangerine Coast.


Arcade is a strong charismatic blue colour inspired by the amusement arcades of Blackpool’s famous seaside heritage.

A wonderful rich colour for interior walls that teams well with the impactful Tangerine Coast on skirting for a playful scheme, or equally, as a contrast to the crisp white of Bandstand for a more serious tone. It’s also a fantastic colour to smarten up outside walls as a sophisticated alternative for masonry.

tangerine coast

A brilliant orange colour suggestive of the incredible early morning skies that bloom and blaze over Blackpool’s Rock Gardens, but synonymous with so much for resident football fans.

Use it for warmth and creativity in places where people gather to connect. Tone down its vibrancy with quieter shades like Foam Spatter and Billow, or let it sing on feature walls and window frames to bring joyful moments to calmer schemes. 


A deep, rich red evocative of the sensationally stylish Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Unashamedly decadent, the sumptuous Ballroom shade is a hymn to Blackpool’s beloved national treasure and is sure to give character to any room.

Offset with deeper colours such as Sea Snail on woodwork for a warm, cosy feel and to anchor the space, or pair with brighter hues like Bandstand or Arcade for a clean, crisp finish.


A soft, gentle grey taken from the wind beaten feathers of swooping gulls on Blackpool promenade.

It takes on a quiet, restful feel when paired with the beautifully subtle harmonising shades of Buckled Sky, Upsurge or Windlash, and serves as lifts for stronger hues such as Shoreless, Beach and Ghost Train. Use it on every wall, or as a way to highlight woodwork trim, this is a colour to stand the test of time.

Harmonising Palette

Alongside our ten core colour stories, we’ve also produced a capsule collection of 25 harmonising colours. Each of the subtle harmonising shades is inspired by the light and landscape of Blackpool’s ever-changing coastline. Used alone, or in conjunction with any of the 10 core colour stories, our harmonising palette brings light and balance to classic or contemporary schemes.

All shades in the Painting The Town™ harmonising palette are available across the full range of finishes and at sizes 1L, 2.5L and 5L.